Mary De Nóbrega

Symfony/PHP Web Developer

Hi, there! I'm a Symfony/PHP (web) developer and a techie girl currently living in Madrid, Spain. This website used to be my sandbox but I opted to keep it simple now. I've been working as a web developer for over a decade now —I fell in love with Symfony ❤ about 12 years ago—. Of course, I've tried some other PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, SlimPHP, Lavarel, CakePHP) and any kind of JavaScript/CSS frameworks and libraries throughout this time, which also means I've worked in both areas: Front-end and Back-end development, but I confess backend is the one I spent most of my time. Lately, I've been learning Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and VueJS while currently working full-time on a big-sized project (~100k unique visitors per day).

But not everything is work! from time to time I like practice hiking, running, calligraphy (this is pretty relaxing), reading, travelling and I'm crazy about puzzles, board games and coffee ☕. My most recent interest turn around learning Tengwar, Portuguese (I'm Venezuelan and Portuguese citizen as well —EU work permit holder—) and getting better at my spoken/written English.

Last, but not least: here are some places over the Internet where you can find me too and get in touch if you'd like.